Masters staff bag

The 10" Masters Staff Tour Bag redefines the meaning of spaciousness in a staff bag. The features of this staff tour bag are optimized for the carrying comfort of the caddy and the space requirements of the professional golfer. With a 10" divider, the Masters staff tour bag is not oversized. Of course, the bag will also fit on a solid trolley with external bars. The sides are well-padded at the main contact points for carrying comfort. The construction – polyethylene material with pipings, seam tapes and lockstitch seams – ensures durability and provides for an interesting contrast of white, silver and black.

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Golf bag / tour bag in white. Fully custom stitched. 6 custom areas. Handmade production.

MASTERS staff bag with sponsor logos in XXL format. 6 custom areas. Handmade

The Masters staff bag with sponsor logos in XXL format is produced by hand only. The seamless padding of the sides  optimizes the carrying comfort and sets the sponsors design effectively in scene. The custom tour bag is produced by hand in Germany. This offer is configured for design creation online.

1.499,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

Shippingtime: 5 weeks 5 weeks


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