The Designer. Design your golf bag by yourself online

By means of our new Designer tool you are able to design your custom golf bag by yourself and to save mock-ups. Click on the buttom „Design product“ and select below the golf bag colour requested. The indicated basic product price does include the following components being vary by product:
  1. A certain number of custom areas (i. e. ball pocket, front, sides, etc.)
  2. A certain golf bag model (i. e. Muirfuild stand bag, Madeira cart bag etc.)
  3. In certain material colours (i. e. black or white)
  4. A certain number of text lines (i. e. 3 lines)
  5. A selection of embroidery thread colours for text and motifs (white, black, blue, red etc.)
  6. Depending on the offer the embroidery set-up fee for one or several motifs you upload and position by yourself (i.e. a company logo file) is included. Please note that not all offers include upload motifs.
  7. The production by hand, the outlay for several trial embroideries as well as set-up fees for embroidery programs and embroidery machines.
But the Designer offers even more options to customize your golf bag. These additional options are combined which extra fees being stored in the Designer software. Click on the calculator symbol on top right to view the extra fee. After having selected an extra option the new total price is immediately indicated. The following options increase the basic product price:
  1. Additional custom areas. In each offer a certain number of custom areas is specified. In case you add additional custom areas (i. g. the cart bag shoulder strap), this increases the product price in a significant way.
  2. More text lines. In case you select more text lines than specified in the basic price, each additional text line is combined with extra costs. Extra costs are immediately shown in the calculator symbol.
  3. Motifs from our motif database. You have the possibility to select motifs from various motif categories. The category name is always indicated in English (i. g. golf, flowers, animals, national flags, nature, regional flags etc). Click on the bottom “Motif”, select from the dropdown menu below the motif category and drag the motif requested (i. e. sun, palm, tree) on the custom area.
  4. Upload you own motifs. In each offer is specified a certain number of upload motifs being included in the basic product price. To upload your own motif, click below right on the bottom “upload”. The window “motif upload” is opening. Click on “upload” and accept the copyright conditions. Then upload the file from your computer and follow the upload instructions. After the upload is completed successfully, the file appears on the right next to the golf bag view. Click twice on the upload motif, so that it appears on the custom area selected.
Important: If you prepare a mock-up by means of your Designer tool, the purchasing contract is valid only after we checked your design and confirmed it. We can valuate the complexity of your upload motifs and the quality of your files only after individual review. We calculated each upload file with 90 EUR. This corresponds to a normal company logo with medium degree of complexity. If you motif is more complex (i. e. a crest, a comic figure or an animal motif) then set-up fees are much higher. We will invoice these costs separately. The size of the motif requested is of significant importance, too. Smaller motifs need a complex the embroidery set-up. Larger motifs need longer embroidery times.
Thus, the final price of a custom golf bag is determined by the degree of customization.