Golfbags im Test: Kundenstimmen aus den Vereinigten Staaten


Phoenix, AZ, 15.01.18




Montecastillo Tour Bag "Flag/Name"

You are the Best! I recieved my bag today and it's wonderful!
Thank you for all your attention!


Golfbag / Tourbag

Callao, Virgini, 03.03.11

Montecastillo Tour Bag "Flag/Name"

Kerstin, thought you might like to see how the bag will look on the course! Took the picture with my cell phone so the quality is lacking. However, this bag looks so great in person that pictures don't do it justice! Several people have asked how to get one.
Golfbag / Tourbag

Sarasota, 22./15.02.11

Masters Staff Bag ECS

The bag looks amazing Kerstin!
Thank you
I received the bag and absolutely love it!
Golfbag / Tourbag

Wilson, North Carolina, 10.05.10

Staff Bag Masters Exclusive Custom Stitch

Kerstin - I really appreciate you sending the pictures. I have been anxious to see the finished product. I received notification of shipment last week and have been looking daily to see the progress. I suppose it is somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic about now. The bag looks great. I am so impressed with what you were able to do. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you making this such an outstanding purchasing experience. You were so patient as I decided what I wanted to do and were very helpful with all the mock-ups. Thanks isn't enough to express my appreciation.
Kerstin - Just wanted to let you know my bag arrived Friday. I couldn't believe how quickly it got here. I was so pleased when I opened the box. The bag looks simply amazing, and the color on the logos is perfect. I said it before, but I just can't express how impressed I am with the quality and the craftsmanship of the bag. Thank you again so much. I am sure I will enjoy it for years to come.
Golfbag / Tourbag

Greenville, 22.01.10

Stand Bag "Kent Wool"

Hi Kerstin! Kim and my bag arrived. They look wonderful!!!
Golfbag / Standbag

Greenville, 04.12.09/


Staff Bag Exclusive Custom Stitch & Stand Bag "Kent Wool" Design for Kevin Johnson and Anna Scott

As usual, this is great stuff! I can not wait until they arrive to see them
in person! You are the best!
Let me know when Kevin's ships on Monday.
Finally, I talked with Kevin Johnson in Hawaii yesterday. He said his bag
is the best looking bag on the entire range and everyone keeps asking him
about it! Great work!
Golfbag / Tourbag / Standbag

San Antonio, Texas, 28.07.09

Tour Bag Montecastillo M3 "Flag/Name"

Kerstin, I received the Montecastillo white golf bag and it is beautiful. Thank you for you expert craftsmanship and speedy shipment . . .
Golfbag / Tourbag

San Antonio, Texas, 05.07.09

Tour Bag Montecastillo M3 "Flag/Name"

I just received the tour bag and it is grand--wonderful workmanship. In fact I like it so much I would like to purchase another except in the color white. That is, everything (Montecastillo in white, USA flag with my name lettered as before). Looking forward to hearing from you . . . best regards,
Golfbag / Tourbag

Las Vegas, 20.04.09

Ladies Staff Bag St. Anne Exclusive Custom Stitch

Got the bag...I cant describe how excited she is in an email...thanks for all your help.
Golfbag / Tourbag

Greenville, 09.03.09

Staff Tour Bag Masters Exclusive Custom Stitch

I just thought you should know that the "Mark Kent" staff bag arrived in our
office today. I must say it looks GREAT! You and your company are very
special. The quality of craftsmanship is second to none! Congratulations!
I am looking forward to many lower rounds of golf with this great bag!
All the best,
Golfbag / Tourbag

Greenville, 12.02.09

Staff Tour Bag Masters Exclusive Custom Stitch

You are smart, professional, beautiful, and right on the money again! I
love the font one you sent with the name on the bag above the US flag like
Kristy's. You can start this one as soon as you want. If you would send me
the invoice like last time, I will forward the money to you via PayPal
The bag will go to Kristy next week. I will deliver it personally, and I
will give you her feedback. I can only imagine she will love it!
All the best,
Golfbag / Tourbag

Atlanta, 26/09/07

Tour Bag Montecastillo M3 Custom Stitch weiss "Exklusivdesign"

Thank you - the finished product looks absolutely fantastic!!
Thanks for the great customer service throughout the process - you
provided timely and proactive feedback to me during set-up and
production. I found the entire experience to be professional and quite
My best to you and your company,


Golfbag / Tourbag