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Exclusive custom golf bags. Bauhaus style meets embroidery art

With the new golf bag collection KERSTIN KELLERMANN celebrates classic modernity. The result is a modern, sleek golf bag design with simple, high-contrast silhouettes in the color classics black and white. The individual embroideries fascinate on interesting surfaces and divergent materials. The special production logistics allow manufacturing highly exclusive custom golf bags, head covers for woods and hybrids and golf handbags in extremely short production times. Discover your creativity and design your personal golf jewelery online. The more individualistic we manufacture your golf bag, the more exclusive it will be. With our design tool you can configure your golf bag, your head coves or your golf handbag according to your wishes. Immerse yourself in the world of embroidery art. Ofers differ by basic color and the number of custom-embroidered areas. Wood head covers are offered as sets with 3 or 4 pieces for driver, woods and hybrids. Since 2005 golfers all over the world trust in the personal service, first-class quality and express logistics of KERSTIN KELLERMANN.
Design your personal golf bag online

Discover your own creativity

With our design tool you can design your golf bag easily on tablets and smartphones. With fancy letterings and artful embroidery designs, you can create your personal golf bag and individual, exclusive golf gifts. In the categorized database, your creativity will boil. Countless pre-installed embroidery designs are ready. Each motif is subject to a surcharge that takes into account the complexity of the embroidery. Also own motives can be easily uploaded as png, gif, pdf or jpg and integrated into the design. The embroidery database includes the following main categories. golf designs for women, men and in general, zodiac signs, national flags curved and classic straight, stripes flags, ornamental monograms, regional designs and city crests, motifs on the topics flowers, nature, wildlife, then maritime style, cartoon and comics, skull and pirate style, motifs to the areas of love, music, aerospace, symbolism and finally, lines and emblems, club logos, various and special designs for the golf handbags MY WAY and ONLY YOU. The final price depends on your design and is only calculated with the motif selection. Be inspired by the different product images and familiarize yourself with the features and the product description before you start with your personal golf bag design.

Special offers

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Custom-stitched Handbags for ladies golf bags

suitable for
ladies golf bags

Gift ideas for women. Ladies golf bags. Ready-to-use design

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Custom-stitched golf head covers

Understand the pricing structure

The craftsmanship of KERSTIN KELLERMAN merges intelligent production logistics, artistic ambition and many years of experience into an extraordinary product. The collection is not comparable to non-individualized standard golf bags and standard golf club covers and handbags. Art has its price, but is the budget enough? The design tool calculates the final price during the design process by selecting the embroidery motifs. To understand the calculation and to bring the price in line with the personal budget, the Design Tool is highly recommended. The design does not have to be perfect, without fine tuning, no golf bag design goes into production. Number, type and composition of the individually embroidered areas are decisive calculation factors. The individually embroidered shoulder strap with cart bags and tour bags is completely hand-crafted, making it the most expensive and time-consuming customization option. Due to manufacturing technology, right and left side of all golf bags are always finished together, equally the front pocket finishing of cart bags and tour bags are linked together

Criteria for the decision making proces

When planning to order a custom golf bag by KERSTIN KELLERMANN, it is helpful to rethink these criteria in the decision-making process:

  1. Chosing the right golf bag model: Cart bag, tour bag, stand bag
  2. With matching head covers or golf handbag for ladies?
  3. Design online or have the design done by our creatives
  4. Offer selection by golf bag color and number of custom areas
  5. Embroidery design from our database or upload own files (note the costs)
  6. Set the budget and then chose the design elements and upload your own files
  7. Note the production time which is indicated in the gray box under to the product title
  8. Note the sending times and chose the right shipping mode