Design your personal club head covers online

Luck is just part of playing golf. Individual head covers for your favorite clubs are special lucky charms. Help happiness on the jumps and design your personal head covers. By means of our design tool you can upload your own motifs, you have access to our embroidery motif database and you choose thread colours and font styles. The selected motifs can be designed in color according to your own wishes. The final price will be calculated during the design process based on the motif selection.

Most head cover offers are ready to ship within a few days. An exact indication of the delivery time is with each head cover offer on the right side, directly under the product title. Once you have received your order, you will receive another draft that you must approve by e-mail. Your head cover design does not have to be perfect, we check every detail for fine-tuning.

Individually you can order head covers for driver and hybrid. Alternatively you can choose between different sets of 3 and 4 for drivers, woods and hybrids. Before you start designing your club covers, you must choose the right head cover offer. Set of 3 or 4, with or without hybrid head cover?

You can find detailed instructions on the golf bag design tool here ...

Crucial for the final price is the question of whether all head covers are embroidered in the same design or each head cover is designed in a different design. The head covers differ laterally by the usual wood markings. So if the driver's head cover is embroidered with a bull, the wood 3 with a lion, the wood 5 with a tiger and the hybrid head cover with a turtle, the final price for the head cover set is much higher than 4 head covers in the same design. If the design of all head covers is the same, the costs per motif will only be incurred once.

When designing the hybrid head cover, make sure that your motif selection fits the narrow proportions. The embroidery area is only about 3 cm /1,2" wide. Perfect for the hybrid head cover are letterings and simple designs with a limited number of thread colors.