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Passion Golfbags. Kerstin Kellermann

#The Mission

Since 2005 passion: individually embroidered golf bags. Head office: Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne.
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Custom-embroidered golf bags // head covers // golf handbags in


Individuell bestickte Golfbags in kurzen Fertigungszeiten

#What does it mean exactly?

Specializing in the manufacture of individually embroidered golf bags, head cover for woods and golf handbags in short production times.


Simply design your personal golf bag online or have a design created


Erfahrung mit individueller Golfbag-Fertigung

#How does this work?

Behind KERSTIN KELLERMANN were special manufacturing logistics, experience in embroidery and the reliability of an owner-managed company.

A review

It all starts with a red golf bag and a disused Apple Powerbook G4 in June 2005. It's Sunday. Kerstin temporarily lives in her grandfather's hunting lodge and has converted the garage with bed sheets and poor lighting sources into a photo studio. Saddle pads, bridles, horse blankets, coffee cups, logistic books, golf clubs, old golf bags and other odds and ends are photographed with a small Olympus. The photographer thinks: „Unbelievable that the old red golf bag still brings 100 EUR and such a good rating: „Delivered immediately. Goods in very good condition. Very well packaged. Thank you very much!!!“.
Motivated by the unexpected eBay income, the eBay powerseller starts new auctions every day. After 2 months the hunting lodge is cleared out to the last coffee cup. Take the plunge into self-employment? With what?
A year later, Kerstin is on the way to her office in the TechnologiePark Bergisch Gladbach on a Sunday morning. The new embroidery machine is inaugurated today with a first order. A cosmetic surgeon receives a white tour bag custom-stitched with the Wuerttemberg coat of arms and the logo of his clinic. The punch software for programming the embroidery is still unusual to use, but the finished embroidery is impressive. The economist is satisfied with the first small work of art. The next morning master shoemaker Stuhlmüller takes over the sewing work and assembles the golf bag with his discerning customer.

For the five year company anniversary in 2010, the 3 embroidery machines do not stand still and the small sewing team diligently swings the circular needle. The golf bag brand KELLERMANN GOLF has developed into a leading provider of custom golf bags. The export share of the handmade golf bags is 90 percent. Business could not be better, but the founder is considering a change because the needlework is too complex, too laborious and the customers impatient. The logistics specialist with a doctorate is looking for a solution.

A new era begins in 2012. The new production logistics are geared towards short production times. Tour players with rapidly changing sponsorship contracts can now be supplied within a few days. The product range is finally becoming more interesting for amateurs who quickly need an exceptional golf gift. The logistics concept is based on semi-finished products that combine the individual embroidery process and the final production. It took several years to develop this logistics concept. Will the new golf bags reach the demanding clientele?

So far, almost every customer request has been fulfilled and calculated individually. Now there are only a certain number of golf bag models in the basic colors black and white to choose from. The customizable areas of each golf bag are precisely defined. The personal golf bag can be designed online. The final price is calculated during the design process using the embroidery motif selection. The innovative concept is very well received. Online trade is booming and fast delivery is increasingly required.

For the company's 15th anniversary, the founder has become more relaxed. The machines are now at a standstill on Sundays, If there is work at all, then on the blog: „I love golf bags“.

Die Anfänge von Kerstin Kellermanns Golfbags

1 Kerstin Kellermann 2005 in the first photo studio. 2 The hunting lodge in the Oberberg district (east of Cologne). Start-up center and first company headquarters. 3 Master shoemaker Stuhlmüller sewing the MONTECASTILLO tour bag. 4 Golf bag production with circular needle and timen. 5 Tour bag MEDEX. The first embroidery art. 6 TechnologiePark Bergisch Gladbach: Cuts for ABERDEEN ASSETS tour bags.

Icons by Flaticons
Photos by Kerstin Kellermann and Paul Leclaire