Our Affiliate Terms and Conditions


  1. Dr. Kerstin Kellermann reg. merchant (hereinafter KELLERMANN Golf®) offers on www.kellermanngolf.com an affiliate program. In the following terms and conditions this partner programm is called affiliate program. The affiliate program's participants are the contractors. They are called affiliates.
  2. Affilates have to be with full legal capacity. Natural and legal persons are permitted.

§1 General provisions

KELLERMANN Golf® reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the affiliate program at any time. Affiliates are informed about the changes 2 weeks before the new conditions enter into force.

§ 2 Provisions for affiliates

  1. Through referral marketing the affiliate is advertising KELLERMANN Golf®'s range of products. The recommendation is implemented by means of a customized link in his email or on his website. For every product which is sold by this link, the affiliate receives a commission of 10% of the purchase price (excluding shipping costs).
  2. To participate in the program the affiliate is applying on: https://www.kellermanngolf.com/affiliate_affiliate.php
  3. Only after approval by KELLERMANN Golf® the affiliate is entitled to advertise the products on www.kellermanngolf.com against commission. KELLERMANN Golf® reserves the right to refuse affiliate applications. Affiliates have no compelling right to participate in the affiliate program.
  4. Permitted are only websites with full legal notice or emails with signature indicating the affiliates ownership. The affiliate's sites have to be in an harmonious relationship with the contents of www.kellermanngolf.com. It goes without saying that the affiliate's sites have to be permissible under German law.
  5. The correct connection of advertising links to ensure the commission calculation is up to the affiliate

§ 3 Liability

  1. KELLERMANN Golf® assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred through incorrect integration of advertising links.
  2. Furthermore, KELLERMANN Golf® is not liable, if due to technical problems of the user or the final customer the advertising success of the affiliate can not be logged.
  3. KELLERMANN Golf® provides the affiliate programm as part of a standard software and assumes no responsibility for any technical faults of the program.

§ 4 Payment of commission

  1. The detection and calculation of commissions is performed exclusively via the KELLERMANN Golf® affliate program. The affiliate is only entitled to registered commissions, which have been released by KELLERMANN Golf®.
  2. Commissions are paid on a quaterly basis, at the end of each quarter.
  3. The commission account of the affiliate must at least have a credit to the amount of 50, - EUR to ensure that the payment is made.

§ 5 Duration and end of contract

  1. The agreement between KELLERMANN Golf® and the affiliate is valid indefinitely. It is based on the terms and conditions laid down by KELLERMANN Golf® for the affiliate program.
  2. Partner and also KELLERMANN Golf® may terminate this cooperation at any time. The remaining balance of the partner is fully paid within 4 weeks.
  3. The termination of the partner can be made via email to: info@kellermann-golf.de. The termination is effective immediately.

§ 6 Privacy

For the affiliate programm'e privacy applies the the General Data Protection Regulations of KELLERMANN Golf®.

§ 6 Jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract are the registered premises of KELLERMANN Golf®, Overath, Germany. German law applies.

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Last updated on 26/11/2015