Calculating your personal golf bag

Calculating your personal golf bagIf you have opted for direct design creation online, the final price of your golf bag product will only be calculated during the design creation. Embroidery in standard fonts is included in every offer free of charge. Before you start the design process, the price shown only includes text embroidery, not images. Our design software is not only a creative design tool, but above all a calculation aid. Your design doesn't have to be perfect. We do the fine tuning automatically. After having completed your order, we will check your design and - if necessary - make suggestions for improvement. The size of the motifs plays an important role in the embroidery. Complex motifs cannot be reduced indefinitely. The smaller the more complex the embroidery installation, the larger the more time-consuming the embroidery process. Stay available via email after ordering. We will not start production without your written design approval. After that no changes are possible.


File format for upload motifs

Please upload graphic files in a resolution of 300 dpi and sufficiently large. You can upload the following file formats: ai, bmp, eps, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, psd, svg, tiff.  Image files are divided into vector graphics, illustrations and photos. For the embroidery programming, vector files are optimal, illustrations are possible, but involve more effort, the programming of photos is demanding but feasible. To understand the calculation better, read more about embroidery programming as the main cost factor.

Calculation upload files

The effort of embroidery programming depends on the complexity and quality of the file template. We can actually only assess this individually, according to the effort involved. Nevertheless, each upload motif was calculated at a flat rate of EUR 90. This corresponds to a normal company logo with a medium degree of complexity. If your file is more complex (e.g. a coat of arms, a cartoon character or an animal design), then the embroidery installation costs are considerably higher. We will calculate these costs retrospectively or suggest a change.

Calculation of database designs

There is an additional charge for each embroidery motif. The more complex the motif and the more colors in the design, the higher the surcharge. The costs include the effort for the machine setup, the embroidery process and the adaptation of the embroidery program to the customer design. If the same design is used twice, the embroidery file must be adjusted to the different size. The embroidery motifs are highlights of your design. Less is often more. Here is also the current blog post concerning the design categories.