When is the MADEIRA Cart Bag the right golf bag for me?

Custom cart bag for demanding golf players. 5 custom areas can be designed with a unique embroidery design. In addition, you can choose the colour designs black, white and the combination black/white. About that, the Madeira cart bag offers the following features:
  • 8 pockets
  • fully 14way divider
  • cooler
  • Easy-care outer material made of polyethylane (PU)
  • towl ring
  • tee holder
  • glove Velcro
Design by yourself online or leave this task to experts.
Cart Bag


Leave it to the experts. Instruct our creative team to create your design.


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We offer the following options:

Name/initials. Custom stitched ball pocket with the player's name or his initials
Name/national flag. Ball pocket and top front pocket custom stitched with a national flag and the player's name/initials
Lettering/side monogram. Ball pocket and side pockets are embroidered with a monogram/a lettering and a flag
Company logo. Front and sides are embroidered with a company logo.
Special designs. Complexe motives with various details, many different colours and colour gradients.
  Create the embroidery design of your Madeira cart bag by yourself online. By means of our design tool you can upload your own files, you can choose design files from our embroidery design database and you can choose colours and font styles. The Madeira cart bag has 5 custom areas: Right and left side pocket, ball pocket, top front pocket and the shoulder strap. The calculation of the final price depends on the number of custom areas, the selected embroidery designs from our database, the number of complexity of your upload files and the number of text lines. About that, you chose the Madeira cart bag in white, black or in the combination black/white. The production times are between 3 days and 3 weeks.
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1 custom area

ball pocket

2 custom areas

upper and lower front pocket

3 custom areas

ball pocket and sides

4 custom areas

both sides, upper and lower front pocket

5 custom areas

both sides, upper and lower front pocket, strap

golf cart bag golf cart bag golf cart bag golf cart bag golf cart bag
Design now your cart bag
Design now your cart bag
Design now your cart bag
Design now your cart bag
Design now your cart bag




1 custom area

Name/national flag

2 custom areas

Side monogram

3 custom areas

Company logo

4-5 custom areas

Special design

4-5 custom areas

Order now custom cart bag
Order now custom cart bag
Order now custom cart bag
Order now custom cart bag
Order now custom cart bag



cart bag with 14way divider Fully 14way divider for perfect shaft protection and sorting of clubs. The club dividers provide for the following arrangement of the clubs: irons outside, woods in the middle, wedges in front. The dividers are slightly raised in the middle area for the longer shafts of the woods. There is an extra putter compartment on the outside of the bag. cart bag in 9.5 inch Size and weight. The cart bag has a size of 9.5 inches. The depth of the divider is 22 x 27 cm (8.7" x 10.6"). With a height of 94 cm (37") and a weight of 4 kg (with rain hood), this cart bag is the ideal size for the golf course and also features maximum handling comfort, shaft protection and durability.

cart bag made of polyethylane (PU) Material. Easy-care outer material made of polyethylane (PU). PU is a highly resistant synthetic fibre characterised by elasticity, water impermeability, tear strength, and a weatherproof seal. The ulitmate high-tech material for a golf bag with long life guarantee. cart bag with front handle Handles.  The new ergonomic front handle is weight-friendly combined with the cart/trolley strap sleeve and offers best handling comfort. The additional black polyurethane carrying handle on the back is integrated harmoniously in the design of the back side of the bag.

cart bag with 8 pockets Pockets. A total of eight zippered pockets provide the well-equipped golfer with plenty of storage space: 2 spacious side pockets on outside for rainwear, additional clothing and other bulky accessories, 2 attached side pockets for flat equipment such as score cards, birdie book, rule book, gloves, compartments for tees and balls on the front and the cooling compartment, at a height that is easy to reach cart bag with cooler Cooling compartment. Cooling compartment with room for two half-liter beverage bottles or one 750 ml bottle and other provisions. Thanks to a 4 mm thick thermal foam layer, which is coated with a tear-proof insulation foil, food and beverages are always well-insulated (cool packs recommended in summer). The cooling compartment is located on the front of the cart bag at the right height for easy access.

Custom cart bag Custom areas. Sides, ball pocket, upper front pocket and shoulder strap. You can chose the basic colour designs black, white and the combination black/white. Cart bag with tee holders Snap hooks and tee holders. Golf towels and club brushes can be fastened on a strong snap hook. On the outside of the cooler there is a holder for inserting three single tees.

Cart bag with rain hood Rain protection. Sturdy rain hood with transparent insert and practical zippered opening for user-friendly handling of clubs in the rain. The umbrella is stored near the cart support surfaces, where it takes up little space and is hardly noticeable. Cart bag shoulder strap Strap. The wide, ca. 2 cm/0.8" thick padded shoulder strap is removable and can be fastened in a loop on the cart for transport.