Design your personal golf bag online

Video Golf Bag Design ToolWith the design tool you can configure and calculate the embroidery design of your personal golf bag directly online. First open a customer account to save design drafts as well. Then select a product from the sub-categories DESIGN ONLINE and click in the gray box on the right on the button DESIGN NOW.

Before you start designing, the base product price is shown. This only includes embroidery as text in a standard font, no embroidery motifs. The offers differ by
1.     The number of custom areas (i. e. ball pocket, sides, etc)
2.     The basic material colors (e.g. black or white)
3.     The golf bag and handbag types as well as head cover set combinations

The motif selection determines the final price of your personal golf bag product. Before you upload your own files, take a look at our embroidery motif database.

Categorized embroidery motif database

Stickmotive für Golfbags

When the design tool is started, the menu EMBROIDERY MOTIFS can be selected on the left side. The categorized embroidery motif database includes hundreds of pre-installed motifs. Taking into account the complexity of the embroidery, each motif is deposited with an extra charge. The embroidery designs are arranged by topic. The category designation is always given in English (e.g. golf, zodiac signs, symbols, etc.).

Thread colors
Garnfarben für Golfbags

The thread colors can be individually selected not only for texts, but also for motifs from the database. As soon as the motif is selected and placed, the thread colors appear on the right. When you click on one of the colors, the thread color selection appears. A vector motif can therefore be individually colored with your own thread colors. With a golf motif, for example, you can color the golf ball blue and the golfer's pants purple.

Designvorlagen für Golfbags

As soon as you have activated the design tool, you will find the TEMPLATES option on the right with finished designs for various product pages (e.g. designs for cart bag ball bags or tour bag front sides). The finished designs consisting of text and embroidery motifs can be adapted and colored according to your own wishes. Any design template can be used for any product type. So if you like a template for stand bags, you can also use it for tour bags.

Own files

The IMAGE UPLOAD function can also be found on the left in the selection menu as soon as you have started the design process. You can upload files in the following file formats: ai, bmp, eps, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, psd, svg, tiff. We have to programm your own file manually. We calculated each upload file with 90 EUR. This corresponds to a normal company logo with medium degree of complexity. If you motif is more complex (i. e. a crest, a comic figure or an animal motif) then set-up fees are much higher. Please upload files in a high resolution of 300 dpi. A vector file is the best option. Before uploading your own file, check whether you can find a similar pre-installed motif in our database.

Design tips

When designing, make sure that the different custom areas form one unit. Use the same thread colors and tie in with your motif selection to your design theme. Stick to a certain motto or style. Select thread colors and fonts to a minimum. Less is often more.

Set individual highlights with the motifs. Different elements can be elegantly combined with an elegant lettering. Combine initials or a name with a flag or a regional design element. Signs of the zodiac, club logos or our ornamental monograms also have an appealing effect on tee or ball pockets. Browse our database, visit our picture galleries (,, and be inspired by our golf bag Blog. We automatically check your design and make suggestions for improvement.