Individual golf bag embroidery crafts

Our golf bags fascinate with individual embroidery art. At this point we explain the finishing technique of embroidery. You will understand why an individually embroidered golf bag is something very special and the effort involved. In our concept, manufacturing and embroidery are inextricably linked. We cannot embroider your standard golf bag that you bought from your pro shop. The overall production logistics concept alone enables the embroidery art of KERSTIN KELLERMANN.


What is embroidery?

Embroidery is a craft with a long tradition. Even the ancient Indians and Egyptians decorated clothes and curtains with embroidered animal and human figures. For an embroidery, the carrier material is fixed with a frame and refined in various colors and thicknesses by sewing on or pulling threads through. The volume of the threads and the shimmer of the stitches generate a three-dimensional representation.

Why so special?

High quality embroidery is only possible on flat materials. Embroidery is an integral part of fashion. Corporate fashion for companies or teams is used in all industries. But standard golf bags cannot be embroidered because they are too bulky. An individual golf bag is always custom-made. Our production logistics concept closes this gap. We embroider the backing materials when they are not sewn.

What is the effort involved?

For a custom golf bag the embroidery design must be individually programmed. A file is created for each custom area. The more complex the embroidery design, the more complex the programming. The embroidery quality is determined by the preparation. Every thread has to be right. That is why fine-tuning with several test embroidery passes is always necessary. A trial embroidery process can take several hours.

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