FAQ about delivery, design creation and warranty


I bought a Titleist (Callayway, Tailormade, etc.) tour bag (cart bag, stand bag) and would like to have it embroidered. The front pocket can be removed. Can I send you this piece and you embroider it?

You have purchased a standard golf bag from another manufacturer. A standard golf bag cannot be subsequently embroidered. Find out in this blog article why this is technically not possible. This article explains the technical and insurance law background in detail.


1. I would like to upload a file. Somehow it doesn't work. Which file formats are permitted?

You can upload graphic files in the following formats: ai|bmp|eps|gif|jpeg|jpg|pdf|png|psd|svg|tiff

Minimum resolution: 600 x 600
Maximum resolution: 10000 x 10000

Vector files are often created in a relatively low resolution. If this is the case with your AI, EPS or PDF file, increase the size before uploading. Alternatively, send the file in advance by email and we will help you adjust the file.

2. I would like to give my wife a driver head hover embroidered with your dog. I have already uploaded a photo of the dog. Can it be realized like this?

Dogs are very popular subjects. First, take a look at this blog article about embroidered dog portraits. Your image is a photo, not a graphic, and is therefore particularly difficult to implement using embroidery technology. In this text you will learn more about embroidery programming. Above all, read the section: “What should you pay attention to with the image templates?” We have a special program for photos, but the customizations will be extensive. Programming will take approximately 1 day. You should choose the handmade head cover model because the proportions are wider here. That suits the dog better. The costs will be significantly higher than the regular upload fee for the estimated company logo. You can read more about calculating your own motives here. The driver headcover with the embroidered dog will be a very exclusive gift. The customers who finally get around to the embroidered dog portrait are thrilled with their four-legged friends. In the blog post about dog portraits you will find a cart bag with a French flag and a boxer on the ball bag. This golf bag production dates back to January 2016. In December 2022, the customer ordered a cart bag with the same dog portrait.

2. I am not very creative and have limited computer skills. Do I absolutely have to create the design online?

No, you do not have to create the design online. But it's worth testing the design tool at least once to understand the calculation. You can find instructions here. You are welcome to communicate your choice of motif with your desired colors by email and we will create the design for you.

If your computer skills are really limited, your first step will be to look at the “Create Design” categories. Here you will find finished product packages with final prices. Select an offer here that we would be happy to expand or change. More about the ordering options here.


1. I would like to order by phone or email. Is this possible?

If you don't want to create your design online, that's no problem. But to order, you must go through the checkout properly. In accordance with the German “Law amending the Civil Code for the better protection of consumers from cost traps in electronic commerce”, we must provide you with comprehensive information about the processing and the associated risks in a specified procedure. Since none of the standard ordering options are an option for you, you will receive a separate product link. You create a customer account, put the product in your shopping cart and checkout.

2. I previously ordered and paid by credit card, but didn't receive a confirmation. Maybe your shop isn't working right now?

You probably missed the last button “Order” in the checkout. Then your payment will not be posted and the order will not be executed. Please log in again. The product is still in your shopping cart and checkout again.


1. How long does the delivery take?

You will find the exact production time for each item directly under the product title. We specialize in particularly short production times. All materials and pre-produced semi-finished products are in stock.

Delivery time = production time + sending time

Most golf bags are shipped abroad. That is why the transmission time is of particular importance. The delivery time is not guaranteed for standard parcel shipping. We ship with DHL/Deutsche Post and UPS.

2. I really need the golf bag as a gift. How much does express delivery cost to the USA?

Express production within 1-2 days is not a problem for most products. But golf bags have a large volumetric weight, which is expensive for express shipping. The cost is roughly in the range of an economy class flight ticket.


1. What warranty period do you offer?

We only provide the statutory warranty, not a guarantee. Golf bags are everyday items. When it comes to the statutory warranty, it is the condition before handover to the customer that counts. We document this condition with detailed photos. This allows us to prove that every product was shipped in first-class condition.

2. My husband gave me a bag from you for Christmas. Unfortunately I don't like the design at all. Can I exchange the bag?

Unfortunately an exchange is not possible. According to German e-commerce legislation, there is no right of withdrawal for customized golf equipment. "As per Section 312d Para. 4 German Civil Code and similar, there shall be no right to withdraw from: Contracts for the supply of goods which are manufactured to customer specification or are clearly tailored to personal requirements or which, due to their constitution, are not suitable for return shipment or can quickly perish or their expiry date would be exceeded"


1. I ordered a bag from you last year. Now I have changed golf clubs. Is it possible to replace the embroidered logo on the ball bag?

Unfortunately, this is not technically possible. See the General Terms and Conditions, §11.

2. I often play in heavy rain and very bad weather conditions. Are your bags waterproof?

When embroidering, the upper material is perforated with the embroidery needles. An individually embroidered golf bag is therefore only partially waterproof. The water resistance of the WATERVILLE stand bag is increased thanks to the construction of the internal pockets (water column 10,000 mm). Depending on the embroidery design, the waterproofness of the ball pocket and the large outer side pocket corresponds to a water column of 4500 mm.

3. I would like to see your bags in person. Do you have a showroom?

No, unfortunately a showroom is not worthwhile for international online sales.

4. I would like a green golf bag with yellow piping. Would that also be possible?

We have specialized in the production of individually embroidered golf bags in extremely short production times. We achieve short delivery times with special production logistics that are tailored to our highly specialized market segment. We therefore only offer various, specified golf bag models in the basic colors black and white. These color classics can be combined with all other yarn colors. So you can add green and yellow color accents with your embroidery design. You can read more about the short production time and the coordinated product range here. However, it would be possible to combine your golf bag with hand-made head covers in green. For this completely handmade product, a green base color would be possible. We would be happy to inquire about the material price for you, but we must adhere to a minimum purchase quantity of usually one running meter.


1. I would like to offer your bags to my customers. Can you please send me your reseller price list. What are your conditions?

Here you will find information for resellers. Our products are not suitable for resale. The price structure is very complex and requires a lot of explanation. Therefore, unfortunately we cannot offer resellers good conditions.


1. I am an XTour player and am looking for a sponsor. Would you provide me with a tour bag and support me as a sponsor?

We are too small for sponsorship. But if your sponsor is not a golf equipment manufacturer, he can order a tour bag from us in his corporate design and make it available to you.