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Golf bag glossary
Amateur statute
With regard to personalized golf bags, the amateur statute of the German golf association regulates whether amateurs are allowed to carry a name on their golf bag. Section 6 "Golf experience or reputation in golf" distinguishes between golf amateurs WITH and WITHOUT golf experience or reputation in golf. Amateurs with "golf experience" should "not use that experience or reputation to promote, distribute or sell anything, or to gain any financial benefit". The experienced golf amateur may not use the "provision of his name or picture" either directly or indirectly for advertising, sales or personal benefits. It is reserved for team players alone to attach a sponsor logo with a maximum size of 50 cm to clothing, umbrellas or golf bags in addition to the team logo. Golf amateurs WITHOUT golf experience and reputation in golf are allowed to wear the name ONCE on the golf bag and ONCE inconspicuously on their clothing.(See Official Golf Rules 2008-2011 with amateur statute, 25th Edition of the golf rules of the DGV: , Section 6 "Golf experience or reputation in golf": points 6.-1 "General" and points 6. - 2. "Name or image exploitation" p. 222)
In accordance with the amateur statute of the DGV, an amateur may carry ONE name on the golf bag. A team player can add a sponsor logo in addition to the club logo. However, the circumference of this logo must not exceed 50 cm. In the amateur statute, the number of names on the golf equipment is particularly emphasized. Golf amateurs WITHOUT a reputation should therefore only carry your name ONCE and not additionally on the side, on the shoulder strap or on the ball bag of the golf bag. If the amateur does not personally benefit from the use of his name or uses it for advertising or sales, the name or image utilization on the golf bag is expressly permitted in accordance with the Amateur Statute of the DGV.
Ball pocket
Compartment or pocket inside a golf bag for storing golf balls. The ball bag is located on the touring bag below the handle. With a cart bag, stand bag or pencil stand bag, the ball bag is in a similar position, above the lower edge of the golf bag
Bottom Ring
The bottom edge of the golf bag is the so-called bottom ring. For tour players with sponsor support, the bottom ring of the tour bag is often customized with the sponsor's web address. An individually embroidered bottom ring is made entirely by hand.
A golf bag usually has a snap hook on the golf towel or the club badge can be hung.
Cart bag
The cart bag is used in conjunction with a golf trolley. The golfer carries his golf bag himself. A cart bag can also be used with a buggy or cart. A cart is a golf cart with an electric or motor drive, in which golfers drive across the golf course. A cart usually carries two golfers and two golf bags. The word Cartbag is often used in the English spelling Cart Bag.
Carry bag
A carry bag is a synonym for a standbag, a golf bag that the golfer carries himself. The term carrybag or carry bag is often used in the Anglo-American region.
Carrying system
A stand bag or pencil stand bag has a carrying system. This construction is similar to the strap construction of a backpack. The weight of the golf bag is evenly distributed over both shoulders. The carrying system consists of four straps that fasten the golf bag to the golfer's back like a backpack. To easily put on and take off the golf bag, the carrying system is relatively loose and snapped deep.
Cooling compartment
An insulated cooling compartment is used to accommodate drinks and round meals in the golf bag. A cooling compartment is equipped with cooling insulation. On hot days, the cooling should be reinforced with pre-cooled cold packs.
Custom golf bag
A custom golf bag is an individualized golf bag. In terms of production technology, a standard golf bag differs significantly from a custom golf bag. A custom golf bag is manufactured in small batches or single production, while a standard golf bag is mass-produced.
Ladies golf bag
A golf bag for women has the same features as a unisex golf bag. It only differs in design from a conventional golf bag. For female golf players it may be important to have a matching handbag that is attached to the golf bag or golf trolley.
A golf bag has a divider for sorting the golf clubs. The divider is also called club division. There are many different types of dividers, e.g. 14way divider, 6way divider, 4 way divider. The smaller the golf bag size (measured in inches), the fewer divisions a divider should have so that the clubs are easy to handle. A continuous divider is recommended for cart bags and tour bags. This protects the shafts of the golf clubs in the golf bag.A non-continuous divider is only recommended if a particularly low golf bag weight is a key criterion.
Genuine leather
Genuine leather is about twice as heavy as polyethylene and is not waterproof. A golf bag made of genuine leather is more complex to manufacture.
Glove Velcro
A glove Velcro is a Velcro fastener on the golf bag to which the golf glove can be attached to dry.
Head covers
Head covers are protective covers for golf clubs. The woods and the driver are particularly protected. Our head covers fit standard woods that are approved by the PGA at international tournaments.
Opening mechanism
A standbag or pencil standbag has an automatic opening mechanism. When the stand bag is placed on the floor, the feet automatically open and the stand bag remains stable in the standing, opened position.
Pencil stand bag
A pencil stand bag is a particularly compact, slim golf bag in "pencil" format with feet. A pencil stand bag is particularly pleasant for air travel. For some airlines, the weight of the golf pack alone counts. Two pencil stand bags can also be transported here as ONE golf luggage. On some golf courses, golf bags have to be carried in winter to protect the grass. Compact, lightweight pencil stand bags are particularly suitable for this purpose.
Polyethylene (PU)
Polyethylene is an extremely resistant plastic fabric, which is characterized by stretchability, water impermeability, tear resistance and weather resistance. Polyethylene is a particularly easy-care golf bag outer material.
Shoulder strap
An important part of the tour bag is a broad, thickly padded shoulder strap. Classic, the Caddy carries the tour bag with a strap over his shoulder. With the cart bag, the shoulder strap is used only for handling the golf bag, usually not for carrying the golf bag on the course. An individually embroidered shoulder strap is made by hand.
Stand bag
A stand bag has a particularly comfortable carrying system and an automatic opening mechanism for the feet. A stand bag is therefore worn by the sporty golf player himself. The term stand bag has its origin in the functionality of automatic standing.
Tee holders
Tea holders are holders or inserts on the golf bag to accommodate individual tees on the outside of the golf bag within easy reach. This feature can optimize the game speed if the golfer always has a suitable tee on hand at the tee.
Tour bag
A tour bag is a particularly voluminous golf bag that is normally used by professional tour players. A tour bag is deeper than a cart bag and has pockets on the side, front and back. The tour bag is carried by a caddy for tour players. The side areas of the tour bag are the direct contact surface of the caddy. They are therefore wider than a cart bag in order to offer the greatest possible comfort. The term "Tourtasche" also occurs in German-speaking countries. There are different conceptions for the definition of the front and back of the tour bag. We refer to the area where the handle and ball bag are positioned as the back of the tour bag. The opposite area, which is personalized for tour players with the name and national flag, is the front. Tour bags are placed on the green on the front.
Valuables compartment
The valuables compartment of a golf bag is usually equipped with a particularly soft inner lining. It houses mobile phones, coins, keys, etc.

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