The special production logistics process

Golfbag-Fertigung Kerstin Kellermann
Our production logistics is geared towards the production of custom golf bags in short production times. Within a few days we manufacture individual one-off pieces and small series of first-class quality. The planning horizon for custom golf bags is short. For the customer, the only thing that really matters is: “When will I receive the golf bag? Will it work until next week?” We manufacture so efficiently and in a targeted manner that we compensate for a relatively long sending time for deliveries abroad through express production. How is that possible?

Combination manufacturing and embroidery

The KERSTIN KELLERMANN collection is based on specially developed semi-finished products for golf bags, head covers and golf handbags. Individual embroidery and finishing are integrated in one production phase. The shoulder strap is the most demanding customization variant that requires special manual skills.

Only one-offs and small series

Our golf bags are made almost exclusively as individual items. Small series from 8 golf bags in the same design have the same production background. Specializing in this type of production helps our production processes to achieve exceptional speed.

Decades of experience

Our processes are well established. Every move sits. Cuts, templates, samples are ready. Since 2005 we have continuously adapted our collection to the needs of our international customers. In addition to precision craftsmanship and artistic ambition, we also supply the right logistics for an individual, exclusive product.

Our concept is unusual and not comparable. Here are the top three most common misunderstandings:
  1. We do not embroider golf bags from other manufacturers.
  2. Embroidery motifs are not scanned and then read in by the embroidery machine. Embroidery designs are punched, i.e. manually reconstructed in every detail.
  3. We do not mass-produce golf bags. Our manufacturing processes and price calculation is aimed solely at individual productions and small series.
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