How long is the delivery time?


How long is the delivery time?We manufacture golf bags since 2005 and have been specializing since 2011 in the production of custom golf bags and golf accessories in extremely short delivery times. The unique concept of KERSTIN KELLERMANN combines embroidery art and manufacturing logistics. Due to a well-equipped machine park, more than 16 years of experience and with the help of a specially designed semi-finished product we are able to produce almost overnight an exclusive product of premium quality. We have adapted to the needs of our customers. The planning horizon for individually embroidered golf bags is relatively short. The more exclusive the golf bag the more urgent the delivery.

It goes much faster than you think!

The program includes golf bags type tour bag, cart bag, stand bag as well as wood head covers and golf handbags in the given basic colors and equipment. Color accents are possible through the embroidery design in all shades.

The exact production time is displayed for each product in the gray box on the right under the product title. Most golf bags are shipped abroad. Therefore, the sending time is of particular importance. In standard parcel shipping, the sending time is not guaranteed. We ship most shipments with DHL / Deutsche Post and UPS. In the checkout, we inform in detail about shipping costs, sending times and the handling of delays and losses. Only express shipping guarantees the sending time, the costs are comparable to an airline ticket EconomyClass, because golf bags have a very large volume weight.