Punching: The creative programming of your embroidery design

Punchen. Video StickprogrammierungAn custom golf bag with individual embroideries is a highly exclusive product. It is not only the manufacturing process that is resource-intensive, but above all the embroidery programming, preparation and control of the embroidery. In around half of our individual golf bag productions (including head covers and golf handbags), the share of the costs for embroidery programming is significantly higher than the manufacturing and material costs. Embroidery programming is a key component in the value chain of manufacturing costs. We therefore explain the technique of punching and the requirements for outstanding embroidery quality.

Where does the term punching come from?

Woher kommt der Begriff Punchen?

The term punching goes back to the punch card machines at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, the embroidery designs were punched into punch cards. The punched embroidery card controlled the first embroidery machines. With the first computer programs in the 80s, it was possible to punch an embroidery design on the PC for the first time. This technique has been established until today. The costs for comfortable embroidery software are in the five-digit euro range. We use the leading punch software from WILCOM.

How does punching work?

Funktionsweise des Punchen

When punching, the embroidery design is digitized. A vector or bitmap file serves as a template. The needle entry points of the embroidery pattern are programmed in a specific sequence. The embroidery picture is staged with various parameters: 15 thread colors, embroidery density for different threads and material thicknesses, angle of the embroidery's direction, stype of stitches, distance to the next thread cut. Every detail is meticulously reconstructed. Stitch by stitch, mouse click by mouse click, the template is translated into threads and fillings.

Reduce and enlarge the size?


Stickerei verkleinern?
Embroidery is a textile art and cannot be compared to a print. A file with many details and small fonts cannot be reduced in size indefinitely. Enlargement is always possible. But adjustments are necessary or the file even has to be completely re-punched in the appropriate size. If your personal tour bag is to be embroidered twice with your company logo - once on the large side pocket and once on the upper front pocket - the logo must be punched twice for the different sizes.

Which image template ist best?

Die optimale Vorlage zur Stickprogrammierung

Image files are divided into vector graphics, illustrations and photos. The ideal punch template is vector graphics (.ai, .eps). This can be enlarged without loss of quality. The template is sharper and can be digitized more easily and precisely. We can also process an illustration, a picture drawing, but with greater effort. Photos are difficult to digitize, but can be easily realized with a special function of our software if the photo template is rich in contrast and the color areas are separated as precisely as possible.


Schriften sticken

Embroidery in standard fonts is included free of charge with all golf bags, head covers, golf handbags. A standard font can be punched in just a few clicks. However, if we receive lettering as graphics from you, we have to manually reconstruct letter by letter, point by point, rope by line. For block, serif and script fonts, there are different digitization requirements for each letter. Punching a font manually is much more time-consuming and therefore more expensive.

Punches for golf bag embroideries

Golfbag-Stickereikunst versus Textilstickerei

Golf bags have a larger format than textiles. Embroideries are more voluminous, have more needlesticks and significantly longer machine running times. Every material is stretchable and changes its shape during processing. The punching must take this material delay into account. Each material reacts differently. As a golf bag manufacturer and with decades of experience in the art of golf bag embroidery, we have a special know-how in the carrier materials used. As in every area, outstanding quality is achieved through specialization.

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