Shipping rates for worldwide golf bag shipping

Versandkosten DHL, UPS
Delivery is made according to Incoterms 2010 ex works Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Thus, we do not bear any risk for transport damages and sending time delays. You can choose between several shipping services we entrust in your order to ship your goods. In case your shipping destination is outside of Europe, custom duties and import VAT go to your account. DHL/German Post and UPS Standard/Expedited do not grant a guarantee for sending times. Shipping rates depend on the shipping service and the volume of your order. Packaging dimensions and product weight are stored for each product. Based on the volume of your order our systems calculates shipping costs. In view of changing fuel surcharges these rates are not binding. During the check-out procedure shipping rates are calculated according to your delivery address. We deliver WORLDWIDE. The exact transmission times can be found here.

DHL/German Post

We ship with DHL/German Post since 2005. The sending times are not garanteed and delays are possible. Shipping within Europe works relatively smoothly. Within the Universal Postal Convention DHL is cooperating with the foreign postal organisation. The information on electronic tracking are limited. In case of delay the recipient has to call DHL in Germany. Then DHL is providing further information and the recipient can contact the shipper being instructed with the delivery in the destination country. In case of delay the investigation period lasts at least 8 weeks. The price performance ratio of DHL/German Post is good, but delays do occur.
Shipping costs with standard shipping from DHL / German Post
Delivery country (in Germany and EU countries incl. 19% VAT)   head covers, handbag   stand bag   cart bag, tour bag
DE   7,85 €   9,64 €    9,64 €
AT   15,77 €   15,77 €   15,77 €
NL,AT,FR,DK,BE,LI,MC,PL,CZ,LU   16,07 €   17,55 €   22,13 €
CH   17,75 €   22,25 €   26,75 €
GB,ES,SE,HU,SK,SI,VA,IT,SM,AD   17,32 €   20,71 €   24,10 €
IE,PT,BG,FI,GR,EE,IS,HR,NO,LV,LT,MT,RO,CY   22,25 €   27,61 €   32,96 €
MD,AL,MK,RU,TR   30,65 €   39,35 €   48,05 €
RS,ME,BY,UA,US,CA,KW,LB,QA,LY,MA,MX,OM,SA,SY,TN,AE,EG,DZ,BH,IQ,IR,IL,YE,JO   45,95 €   61,55 €   77,15 €
  48,80 €   70,85 €   92,90 €

UPS Standard/Expedited

From April 2013 on we also offer the UPS Standard and Expedited shipping service. Shipping costs are more expensive than with DHL/German Post. The main difference lies in the settlement in case of delay. Because UPS decides after about 2 weeks whether a shipment is lost and the transport insurance covers the damage. Even with UPS Standard/Expedited there is sending time guarantee, but delays are significantly limited due to the different settlement when assessing a loss.
Shipping costs with UPS Standard Shipping
Delivery country (in Germany and EU countries incl. 19% VAT)   head covers, handbag   stand bag   cart bag, tour bag
DE   29,70 €   34,93 €   47,87 €
BE,DK,LU,NL,CZ   40,52 €   47,67 €   62,78 €
PL,SI   51,85 €   60,39 €   78,83 €
FR,FI,GB,AT,SE,MC   54,32 €   63,18 €   85,89 €
BG,HU,RO,EE,LV   60,74 €   72,50 €   97,88 €
IT,PT,ES,IE,GR   66,22 €   81,49 €   108,23 €
AD,NO,CH,LI   70,23 €   88,24 €   130,71 €

Express Shipping

A sending time guarantee only offers express shipping. We have signed contracts with TNT and FedEx. If you need your goods for important date, then be sure to choose Express. Shipping rates on request. Golf bags have a very high volume weight. Therefore shipping by Express is expensive. The costs are in the range of a short-term booked Economy flight ticket. The sending time guarantee only states that in case of delay, the shipping costs will be refunded. A delay due to force majeure can always occur - even with express delivery.