Golf bags type stand bag with individual embroidery design

Discover the special stand bag collection by Kerstin Kellermann. These custom-made standbags are exclusive companions, not comparable to standard golf bags. The higher the degree of customization, the higher the production efforts of the exclusive product.
The Kerstin Kellermann stand bag collection includes golf stand bag in sizes 7.5 "and 9". A stand bag is the perfect golf bag for athletic golfers who carry their golf bag. Stand bags have an automatic folding mechanism with stability protection. When placing the stand bag, the feet automatically fold up and the stand bag stops. Golf stand bags are more compact than tour bags or cart bags and are also very suitable for golf trips. The lightweight 7.5" stand bag offers with its low weight of only 2 kg excellent comfort.

We exclusively manufacture stand bag unique pieces. The embroidery design of each golf bag is individually designed. Before choosing a product, it's up to you to decide whether you want to get creative yourself or we create the design for you​. Select products from the right subcategory: 'Design stand bags ONLINE' or 'We DESGIN your stand bag'. For the category 'Stand bags for teams', the minimum order of 8 stand bags in the same design applies.
The stand bag range differs by the number of individually embroidered areas and the basic color of the golf bag. We specialize in short production times. For most stand bag offers the lead time is 1-2 or 3-4 days. To the right of the product title you will find exact information.