Golf stand bags for Teams. More favorable prices from 8 stand bags in the same design

If you need 8 stand bags or more in the same design, check out the golf bag offers in this category. For golf teams, we offer the stand bag models WATERVILLE and MARRAKESH at the most favorable conditions. The minimum order volume is 8 stand bags with the same design but different names. Our special manufacturing concept is geared towards extreme speed. The production time for team productions is between one and three weeks, depending on the production volume (or even faster). The stand bag offers in this category are not designed for creating the golf bag design online. The offers already include the installation of a company or club logo and immediately show the final price per stand bag (incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping).

We offer three stand bag variants for teams:

1 to 2 (from a total of 2)

What needs to be considered when planning and calculating?

Our exclusive stand bags are also made individually for teams. With productions of at least 8 stand bags, we can realize savings in the area of individual embroidery. This is possible if at least 8 stand bags of the same design are manufactured with several machines at the same time. With a reduction in the custom areas, this saving potential is eliminated. If your team should perhaps only be equipped with simply personalized stand bags, choose offers from this category - custom stand bags without minimum order volume.

Team stand bags are mainly requested by sporty golf teams. If each team member is to finance his stand bag himself, the personal ideas of design, model and budget play a significant role. It is then hardly possible to find a common line within the golf team. A sponsor is therefore essential. A team project is only realized if the decision-maker has the necessary financial means and can also decide on design issues alone.