Tour staff bags for golf teams

Custom tour staff bags for golf teams

Custom tour bags are the most exclusive team golf bags. The golf bag type tour bag MONTROSE is suitable for professional as well as amateur teams. The minimum order are 8 golf tour bags in the same design, but different names. The offer price includes the installation of a company or club logo. The production times are approx. 2-4 weeks. Shorter production times are also possible depending on the quantity and embroidery design. Have also a look on other team golf bags.

The MONTROSE tour bag is made in classic black and silver. The golf tour bag in 10 " has a fully 14 way divider, 11 pockets, including 2 coolers. The outer material of the gof bag is made of polyethylene. PU is a durable plastic fabric that is characterized by elasticity, water impermeability, tear resistance and weather resistance.

Our special manufacturing process is aimed at single productions and small series. Even producing golf bags for small teams each golf bag is made individually. Savings in the area of manufacturing costs cannot be realized. There are only positive economies of scale in mass production. But with the embroidery we can achieve little savings if several embroidery machines are used at the same time with the same embroidery design. Best price-performance ratio offers the MONTROSE tour bag with 5 custom areas. The tour bags are customized in the golf team's design on front, top front pocket, sides and ball pocket. If your golf team wants tour bags with less custom areas, there is no cost saving. The normal price for single tour bag productions then applies.

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