MONTROSE tour bag. Custom-made golf tour bag in outstanding design

The MONTROSE 10" tour bag is a custom golf tour bag in outstanding design - not only for golf professionals. Six custom areas - front (above and below), right and left sides, ball pocket, shoulder strap can be customized with your individual embroidery design. The tour bag in classic black is the symbiosis of innovative functionality and exceptional design. Carbon fiber design elements with a glossy shimmering effect merge in appliquee embroideries into an ornate relief. The golf bag is made of polyethylene. PU is an extremely hard-wearing, easy-care outer material that is characterized by elasticity, water impermeability, tear resistance and weather resistance.

The MONTROSE model has 11 pockets, fully 14-way divider, stable rain cover with transparent insert, caddy-compatible shoulder strap, 2 cooling compartments, carabiners and hook rings. The fully 14-way divider is atypical for a classic tour bag. We break with tradition and for the first time do not manufacture a tour bag with the traditional 6-compartment divider and thus enable comfortable club handling. The MONTROSE tour bag also fits on trolleys with open construction. We recommend eTrolleys from JUCAD.