Custom Staff Bag MONTROSE

The MONTROSE tour bag is a custom golf tour bag in outstanding design - not only for golf professionals. Front, sides, ball pocket, upper front pocket, shoulder strap and bottom ring can be customized with your individual embroidery design. The golf bag is produduced in the colours white/silver or black silver. You design online or leave this task to our experts. The tour bag is the symbiosis of innovative functionality and exceptional design. Carbon fiber design elements with a glossy shimmering effect merge in appliquee embroideries into an ornate relief. MONTROSE gives the classic-corpulent tour bag shape a new dimension of stability. Wheather lying nearby the green or standing on the fairway, the MONTROSE tour bag remains always in stable position. The tour bag measures 10", offers a 14way divider, 11 pockets including 2 coolers with magnetic closure, snap hooks and rings, a turdy, waterproof rain cover with transparent insert and an easy-care outer material made of polyethylane (PU).
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