Order a custom cart bag, but order your golf bag via an entry form

Of course, designing the personal cartbag online is not a must, you can also order your golf cart bag via an entry form. Choose an offer from this category. Then we create the design based on your instructions. To select the right cart bag offer, you have to decide on a few things in advance: cart bag model, basic color and embroidery design variant. The following embroidery designs are especially popular:

Name/initials. The ball pocket is custom stitched with a name or the player's initials in a standard font.
Name/national flag. The ball pocket is custom stitched with a name or initials in combination with a national flag.
Lettering/side monogram. Custom embroideries on sides and ball pocket with a monogram or other letterings in a standard font.
Company logo. Custom embroideries on front and sides with a name and a company logo.
Special designs. Complexe motives with various details, many different colours, colour gradients and multi-faceted patterns. A custom embroidery design is created based on your idea or your template.
For ladies: Cart bag with matching handbag are designed in a specific design topic such as "Birdie Queen", "Large Sky" or "Golf Princess". Only initials or name will be adjusted. These offers are also ideal as a gift.

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The GENEVE cart bag model has 5 individually embroidered areas: Ball pocket, upper front pocket, right and left side pocket and shoulder strap. Information on delivery time can be found in every offer under the product title. Most golf bags are ready to ship in a few days. Only the individually embroidered shoulder strap is laboriously crafted and takes a little longer.

Upon receipt of your order, we will create a draft that you must approve by e-mail. Only after your okay, we start production. After your approval, no changes are possible.

Even if you do not want to get creative yourself, try our design tool at least once. Switch to the category "Design cart bags ONLINE" and click on "DESIGN NOW" in one of the offers. You miss hundreds of pre-installed embroidery designs categorized into 52 subject areas.  You can also communicate your desired embroidery design by mail, but have to pass by the checkout, so that we meet the strict consumer legislation.

If you want to give away a golf bag, a cart bag is always a good choice. Initials or the combination of the name and aflag are a wonderful gift for every golfer. For ladies, the sets consisting of cart bag and golf handbag are exceptional gifts. Our bestseller is the golf bag set "Birdie Queen".