Short Profile

Short profile of the company Dr. Kerstin Kellermann reg. merchant
Dr. Kerstin Kellermann, registered merchant, is specialised in the production of custom golf bags. The golf bags are distributed online in more than 35 countries.
Company headquarter
Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
Unique Selling Points
Custom Golf Bags
Quick production times
Online design tool
Sales system
Direct sales through online shop and Amazon in more than 35 countries
Sales volume
Below 1 million Euros
  The brand Kellermann Golf stands for custom golf bags made in Germany. The exclusive bags are sold around the globe through direct sales online. The export rate of the individual enterprise is at around 90 %. The owner is a doctor of economics and communicates in 5 languages. The international clientele designs its own personal golf bags online or commissions the creative team from the company with this task. The segment Custom Golf Bags represents a niche in the golf equipment sector. Standard golf bags can only be individually embroidered to a certain extent after production. Kellermann Golf, in contrast, offers comprehensive individualisation options. The final price of a golf bag is calculated on the basis of the number of individualised areas (e.g. sides, front, ball bag, shoulder belt, etc.) and the complexity of the embroidered motifs. The customer has online access to a motif database in which embroidery motifs are  categorised according to certain design themes. Moreover, the customer can upload his or her own files. The customer then chooses the golf bag model from Kellermann Golf and the desired base colour. The production periods are between 24 hours through Amazon for simple personalised bags and 2 weeks for very complex models.  The online shop, trading in 7 languages, generates monthly traffic of approx. 50,000 visitors. The collection from Dr. Kerstin Kellermann comprieses custom cart bag, tour bags, stand bags, head cover sets and other golf bag accesseories. The headquarters of the company is Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne, Germany. Customers are discerning amateurs and international tour players, whose tour bags are financed by sponsors. The gift and team segment is recording particularly high growth figures.