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Highly exclusive golf bags and head covers with individual embroideries. Attractive offers to mark the golf bag producer's 10th anniversary

Learn more about Kellermann Golf. Custom Golf Bags since 2005.

Since 2005 we produce custom golf bags in single production, however in very short production times. Our custom golf bags are unique specimen. The embroidery creations are designed for you only and are programmed manually. We focus on innovative features, premium quality and fist-class services. Sponsors of international tour players equip their professionals with our custom tour bags. We produce custom golf bags for your golf team or for you personally in the corporate design of your company. The more individualistic we manufacture your golf bag, the more exclusive it'll be.  Each design is a unique embroidered work of art. We distinguish the following design options: Name/Initials, National flags, City arms/regional flags, Company logos, Exclusive Designs. Embroidering motifs can be artistically programmed and established three dimensionally. Read more about us.

Use the online design tool or have the design done by our creatives

Design Golf Bags online

By means of our new Designer tool you are able to design your custom golf bag by yourself and to save mock-ups. The final product price is calculated during the design process based on the number of chosen motifs from our database and the upload motifs. Thus, you are able to cofigure your custom golf bag individually according to your needs. A click on the calculator above and you have immediately a list of arising costs. In every offer is indicated how many custom areas are included and for which custom services arise additional costs. Of course our creatives can design for you, too. Then, choose the sub categorie "Creatives make your design". You select a certain package like "national flag" or "company logos". You insert your custom specifications via an entry form. For additional custom areas arise additional costs. One mock-up is free. Applies to both types of transaction: Please release the final design.

Database for embroidery designs

Embroidery designs for custom golf bags

With our online design tool you can access our database for pre-installed embroidery designs. You decorate you golf bags or your head covers with designs of different design categories like golf designs, animal designs, cartoon/comic designs, club logos, flower designs, classic and moving national flags, regional crests, nature designs, skulls, pirate style designs and miscellaneous designs. Discover your creativity and combine these designs with letterings and you own uploaded design files. In you do not want to design online, you will find here an overview or our database for preinstalled embroidery designs.

Our advice

Custom stitched golf bag / stand bag in black or white. Design 5 custom areas by yourself.

Golf bag / stand bag type MUIRFIELD....

459,00 EUR
Luxury custom golf bag. Made of genuine leather. 4 custom stitched areas

Design MORFONTAINE custom golf bag in...

1.299,00 EUR
Golf bag / cart bag. Design 4 custom stitched areas by yourself.

Golf bag / cart bag type MADEIRA....

439,00 EUR
Head cover set 4 pieces custom stitched with a monogram

Head cover set 4 pieces custom...

199,00 EUR
Swift order processing, payment systems, shipping options and criteria for the decision process when ordering custom golf bags

Payment systems and shipping options when orderungi Kellermann Golf Custom Golf Bags

Swift order processing

We are specialized in the production of custom golf bags in short production times. Depending on the golf bag model and the embroidery design, your golf bag is ready for shipping in a few days. In general, golfing gifts for anniversaries or Christmas go into planning at very short notice. Sponsors of international tour players appriciate our or extremely fast production logistics. Regardless of wheather your design online by yourself or we do the design for you, you need to release the final design. We will prepare a final mock-up for you. Before your official okay, changes are still possible. If you order online, your order will be settled within a few days. Of course, you can order by email, too, if you are not able to pass the online checkout. Currently, we distribute our production by direct sales and online only. Resellers and final customers get the same terms and conditions. Our customer all over the world are highly satisfied.

Zahlungssysteme und Versandoptionen bei Kellermann Golf Custom Golf Bags

Payment systems and shipping options

Payments for all orders are made in advance. Our online store offers offers the following payment options: PayPal, bank transfer and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express). Credit card payments are encrypted by our payment provider Heidelpay and secured with 3D Secure. According to your budget and time schedule we offer three shipping options: DHL/German Post offers an excellent price performance ration, but the sending times are not guaranteed. Alternatively, chose UPS Standard or for some countries UPS Expedited. If the delivery date hast be exactly adhered, then select express shipping by Interkurier Express. Here an overview about shipping costs.

What is the price for a custom golf bag?

What is the price for a Kellermann Golf custom golf bag?

What does a Kellermann Golf custom golf bag cost?

Pricing depends on the embroidery design and the number of customized areas. Each golf bag is produced individually. From a minimum quantity of 8 golf bags in the same design we grant a discount - but only for the reduced embroidery work, not for the production. For the decision process we redommend to consider the following criteria:

Step 1: Choice of the right golf bag model
Step 2: Definition of the customization effort: Only the front or also the sides and maybe futher additional custom sections?
Step 3: Definition of the design elements: Name, initials, logos, speical motives, flags, etc. (Files in ".jpg" format at a high resolution of 300 dpi or in the form of a vector file in an ".ai" or ".eps" format, which serves as the best option.
Step 4: 
Definition of the order volume: 1-7 pieces or 8 golf bags for team conditions.
Step 5: Is your schedule compatible with the production time? Express production? Express shipment?


Customized head cover set 4 pieces. Same embroidery design for all 4 head covers

Head cover set 4 pcs. Design online!...

RRP 189,00 EUR
only 179,00 EUR

Golf bag / cart bag. Design 2 custom stitched areas by yourself.

Golf bag / cart bag type MADEIRA....

RRP 389,00 EUR
only 339,00 EUR

Golf bag / stand bag in pink. Design ball pocket by yourself.

Golf bag / stand bag type MUIRFIELD...

RRP 289,00 EUR
only 219,00 EUR

Golf bag / cart bag. Ball pocket custom stiched. Online design tool.

Golf bag / cart bag type MADEIRA....

RRP 379,00 EUR
only 320,00 EUR

New product

Luxury custom golf bag. Made of genuine leather. 4 custom stitched areas

MORFONTAINE custom golf bag in...

1.399,00 EUR
Learn more about embroidery programming, the manufacturing concept and our picture galleries for custom golf bags

Punching. Embroidery programming for custom golf bags

Punching - The embroidery programming

An individually embroidered golf bag is an exclusive accessory, since the punch alone, the generation of the embroidery programming, is an individual piece of creative work. Before the actual embroidery is stitched on, its pattern must be programmed, i.e. punched. The generation of a so-called embroidery card is the key item of any embroidery. This way, the exact position, thread, and colour is defined. Unlike when generating print files it is here not sufficient to fill an area with colour, contour and effect. Even with the best vector file as template, one out of countless types of stitches has to be selected for each embroidering area to be filled or each contour to be drawn. Programming punches is creative artwork.

Producing custom golf bags

Manufacturing of custom golf bags

Our manufacturing concept is oriented to the production of indiviudal golf bags with an unique embroidery design. Due to the continuing development of our production logistics we produce in short production times high quality custom golf bags with precious individual embroideries. Our production concept is oriented toward customization of individual articles or very small quantities. Even if you order several bags with the same design, there is only minimal potential for cost savings. We do not embroidery fully assembled golf bags.  

For liability reasons we do not embroider golf bags or detachable pockets from other golf bag manufacturers.

Bildergalerien für individuell bestickte Golf Bags

Picture galleries

In the picture galleries www.cartbags.dewww.tourbags.de and www.standbags.eu we publish photos of the most beautiful custom golf bags. Be inspired by thousands of golf bags in different designs. The golf bags are categorized by model (tour bags, cart bags, stand bags) and embroidery design. Design categories are for example company logos, exclusive designs, monograms, regional crests or golf bags for golf teams. The picture galleries are constantly updated. In the in-house photo studio every golf bag is photographed in details and in different views before shipment.