Punching - manual embroidery programming

Before the actual embroidery is stitched on, its pattern must be programmed, i.e. punched. The generation of a so-called embroidery card is the key item of any embroidery. The embroidery card controls the embroidering machine with exact data for the embroidering process. This way, the exact position, thread, and colour is defined.
In our punching studio experienced punchers program your desired golf bag embroidery pattern. The template is a file with high resolution, a scan or a manual drawing. Unlike when generating print files it is here not sufficient to fill an area with colour, contour and effect. Even with the best vector file as template, one out of countless types of stitches has to be selected for each embroidering area to be filled or each contour to be drawn. Each change of direction of the thread, each change of the type of stitch must be exactly defined. Programming punches is creative artwork.

An individually embroidered golf bag is an exclusive accessory, since the punch alone, the generation of the embroidery programming, is an individual piece of creative work. Exclusive designs and logos are accentuated with artful embroidery technology. The relatively high programming costs are a one-time expense. We provide pre-installed embroidery designs such as a flag with a name, but also patterns that are not pre-installed as all-inclusive offer. We may also make you an individual offer, e.g. if you want to have several golf bags embroidered with the same pattern.