The production of custom golf bags

Our manufacturing concept is oriented to the production of indiviudal golf bags with an unique embroidery design. Custom golf bags are produded in the following order: First the fabric cuts are embroidered, then the custom golf bags is assembled by hand. We employ master craftsman being experienced with genuine leather and polyurethane manufacture. Due to the continuing development of our production logistics - especially in the field of sewing and assembling techniques - we produce in short production times high quality custom golf bags with precious individual embroideries.
Due to the complex end finishing process, fully customized golf bags are the most exclusive customized version available.

Special features of the production logistics:

  • We do not embroidery fully assembled golf bags.
  • The design is not automatically scanned and then programmed into the stitching machine. The embroidery design is punched manually, so that every detail is retained. Various stitch types and underlays are used in order to create a three-dimensional design.
  • The main cost factor for a custom golf bag is the end finishing, which is done by hand. Other factors are the stitch programming, the bag as a raw product and the stitching costs for each individually stitched section.
  • Our production concept is oriented toward customization of individual articles or very small quantities. Even if you order several bags with the same design, there is only minimal potential for cost savings.